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BINOPTIC electronic mixers and taps with matte black chrome finish


DELABIE is weaving - in modern spaces like museums, restaurants, company headquarters, airports – an essential link between design, architecture and functionality. A renewed experience combining performance and elegance, like the new electronic BINOPTIC mixers and taps with a black chrome finish.

TRENDS by DELABIE magazine - Issue #2


DELABIE presents issue #2 of its Design magazine “Trends by DELABIE”. This magazine is entirely dedicated to architects, interior designers and, more generally, to those who are passionate about Design, and sensitive to the harmony of places and things.

Hand hygiene and water savings. Engage on two fronts with DELABIE!


During the current pandemic, hand washing and disinfection are central to the concerns of public washroom users. Hygiene is paramount, and non-contact solutions are highly desirable. However, following the primary barrier gesture against the spread of viruses goes hand-in-hand with a significant over-consumption of water and energy. More than ever, it is essential to install sanitary fittings that incorporate many features that are suitable for public places.

DELABIE “BEST BRAND OF THE YEAR 2020” for stainless steel urinals


After winning a 2019/2020 PLUS X AWARD with the HYBRIMATIC FINO, DELABIE has received the Best Brand of the Year 2020 award for its stainless steel urinals.


Direct flush, once you've tried it - there's no going back


Perfectly in tune with current thinking, more design-led, less noisy, more hygienic and, above all, better suited to intensive use
than the alternative - WCs with cisterns - DELABIE’s direct flush system is essential for public washrooms.

Legionella and scalding: two risks related to hot water which must be tackled head-on


Prevent scalding by delivering Hot Water (HW) below 50°C and fight against Legionella by circulating water above 55°C: these two contradictory requirements must be reconciled by the facilities and estate teams in healthcare facilities.

TEMPOMATIC dual control: electronic and time flow direct flush valve recessed in an innovative housing


The TEMPOMATIC dual control features an innovative recessing housing, patented by DELABIE. It adapts to all types of installation and can be installed on walls from 10 - 120mm thick. Its resolutely modern wall plate combines design and vandal-resistance. It has an “intelligent” rinsing system.

New Be-Line® drop-down support rail: design up for grabs!


The DELABIE Group, expert in accessibility for public places, has extended its Be-Line® design range with its new drop-down and removable support rail. Combining aesthetics and comfort, it offers safety and well-being to users - senior citizens, people with reduced mobility or disabled people.

TEMPOFLUX 3 direct flush dual flush valve recessed in an innovative housing


TEMPOFLUX 3 features an innovative recessing housing that has been patented by DELABIE. It adjusts to all types of installations and to walls from 10 - 120mm thick. Its resolutely modern wall plate combines design, comfort and vandal-resistance, thanks to its soft-touch operation and anti-blocking function.



The first issue of the Design magazine “Trends by DELABIE” has won the 2020 GERMAN DESIGN AWARD
in the Editorial category.

HYBRIMATIC FINO stainless steel hybrid urinal


With its hybrid rinsing system, the HYBRIMATIC FINO is a serious ecological alternative to water-free urinals. Its innovative detection system and automatic flushing allow maximum water savings.

ALGUI stainless steel countertop washbasin


DELABIE’s stainless steel ALGUI washbasin is not just a countertop washbasin. It is a truly decorative element designed to enhance the toilets in public and commercial places such as museums or shopping centres. Its dual finish, the interior of the basin has a bright polished finish and the outside has a polished satin finish, gives the product a particular brightness and an elegant appearance.

Design and comfort for all: new Be-Line® shower seat


The DELABIE Group, expert in accessibility for public places, has extended its Be-Line® design range with its new lift-up and removable shower seat.
Combining aesthetics and comfort, it offers safety and well-being to users - senior citizens, people with reduced mobility or disabled people.

2640 Mechanical basin mixer


The mixers installed in the technical areas of health facilities must respond to the constraints encountered every day: controlling bacterial proliferation, anti-scalding safety and ergonomics to ensure the well-being and comfort of users.
DELABIE offers a new wall-mounted sequential basin mixer designed to meet these different needs.

Eco-consumption, the new challenge for washrooms?


For 90 years, controlling water and energy consumption in the interest of sustainable development to conserve natural resources has been a major concern for DELABIE. The company places ecological issues at the heart of its thinking and offers products destined for public and commercial places that are design-led as well as responsible and sustainable.

Innovative installation with DELABIE, thinking inside the box


DELABIE’s new recessing housing has been designed with a unique system which connects easily to DELABIE’s sanitary fittings (TEMPOMIX 3 for washbasins and showers, TEMPOMATIC 4 and TEMPOFLUX for urinals, and TEMPOMATIC dual control and TEMPOFLUX 3 direct flush systems).

SPEEDJET 2: An effective and hygienic hand dryer


In the wake of SPEEDJET and HIGHFLOW, DELABIE, the expert in washrooms for public and commercial places, has reinforced its range of hand dryers with the new SPEEDJET 2. This design-led, high-speed model is the first hand dryer to integrate a unique system that removes the need for a drip tray and prevents water reaching the wall of floor.

Accessibility: Towards a more design-led approach


The “design for all” trend is erasing the boundaries between sanitary spaces dedicated to people with reduced mobility (PRM) and a person in the street’s bathroom.


TEMPOMATIC 4 wall-mounted electronic controls: mixers and basin taps that combine design and hygiene


DELABIE has extended its range of TEMPOMATIC 4 mixers and taps with wall-mounted battery-operated and mains versions for cross wall or recessed installation.

The BE-LINE® shower seat wins the 2019 Remarkable Bathrooms Award


DELABIE's Be-Line® accessibility range has won a new award. The lift-up and removable Be-Line® shower seat is the winner of the 2019 "Remarkable Bathrooms Award" in the "Commercial" category.

TEMPOMIX 3 recessed basin and shower control

The TEMPOMIX 3 is equipped with a new, 100% waterproof, housing box.
This innovative system adapts to multiple installation types and configurations up to a depth of 120mm. Maintenance is made easy. With its soft-touch operation and and refined design it is suitable for all types of buildings that receive the public.

TEMPOMATIC 4 recessed urinal: recognised by the 2019 ICONIC AWARDS


DELABIE's TEMPOMATIC 4 electronic urinal valve, in black vitro-ceramic glass, has received the "Selection" award at the 2019 ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior.

Electronic soap dispenser: design and technology for optimal hand hygiene


The DELABIE Group, expert in hygienic accessories for public and commercial places, has launched its new electronic soap dispenser. Its aesthetic and functional lines make this soap dispenser an essential item for commercial washrooms.



The new SECURITHERM thermostatic shower mixer H9769 responds perfectly to the needs of residents in healthcare facilities in terms of safety, hygiene and comfort. Its unique design makes any cross flow between the Hot and Cold Water impossible, considerably reducing the risk of bacterial proliferation.



The introduction of the French regulation 077 MM, relating specifically to mixers and taps for medical environments, means significant changes in the design of mechanical, thermostatic and electronic mixers. DELABIE is among the few manufacturers who offer products that already comply.


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