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DELABIE’s teams have mastered more than thirty highly skilled trades.

This unique expertise enables the company to innovate constantly and adapt its products to the needs of the market. Every year DELABIE invests heavily in Research and Development as well as its industrial tooling. The aim is to offer customers ever more innovative solutions and reliable proprietary technology.

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Explore the different areas of our training centre and discover our new products. DELABIE DNA: always innovating!

TEMPOMATIC Connect control plate for WC

The TEMPOMATIC Connect cistern-less flush system offers two flush activation modes: voluntary touch-free or automatic when the user leaves.

The Bluetooth technology connects to the DELABIE Connect app, allowing the detection range, the flush duration and the automatic duty-flush to be adjusted as needed. For the perfect user experience, and ecologically sound, optimal performance every time. 

Mirror cabinet with 3 functions

This mirror cabinet combines 3 functions: mirror, electronic soap dispenser and electrical hand dryer. Quick and easy to install. Operation is touch-free for improved hygiene, and the sleek and modern design is enhanced by the matte black finish. 

Countertop ALGUI washbasin in black

Dare to be different with the ALGUI washbasin in stainless steel with a matte black Teflon® finish! It will add a stylish black design accent, while offering optimal durability and hygiene, essential in Public Places. This washbasin is in perfect harmony with wall-mounted or tall BLACK BINOPTIC taps.

2614EP wall-mounted EP basin mixer with BIOCLIP spout

The 2614EP wall-mounted basin mixer meets the challenges of healthcare facilities! The body has been developed with a smooth interior to limit niches where bacteria can adhere, and it is also features a removable spout to facilitate cleaning. Its pressure-balancing cartridge ensures optimal anti-scalding safety.

HEMI inset washbasin in black

Black, forever in fashion! Add style to your sanitary ware with the HEMI inset washbasin, created in stainless steel with a matte black Teflon® finish. Pair with a black waste for a sleek all black look or with a chrome waste for a contrasting 'mix and match' black/chrome effect, complemented by chrome tapware.

TEMPOMIX 3 time flow basin mixer

Time flow tapware is reaching new heights! The TEMPOMIX 3 is now available in two heights - 170mm and 250mm - for installation with built-in, semi-recessed or countertop washbasins. The 7 second time flow provides 85% water savings. With a stainless steel body and reinforced fixings, this mixer is also remarkably robust and durable.  

Basic+ shower seat

This shower seat is a new addition to the DELABIE shower equipment range. It can be lifted up when not in use, to create a spacious and uncluttered shared shower area. Streamlined and elegant, this shower seat will give a stigma-free sense of well-being and comfort, and is equally appropriate at home or in public places. 

Be-Line® shower stool

To ensure the stability and well-being of our users regardless of their degree of autonomy, DELABIE has extended the Be-Line® range with a shower stool available in 3 finishes (white, black and anthracite). The sleek lines allow it to sit seamlessly in its surroundings, effortlessly combining aesthetics and comfort.

2721TEP pressure balancing basin mixer

DELABIE has redesigned its range of 2721TEP mechanical basin mixers. Its new design responds to the requirements of controlling bacterial proliferation and anti-scalding safety in health establishments. With the 2721TEP mixer it is possible to undertake thermal shocks without removing the lever, while its pressure-balancing cartridge ensures a perfectly stable temperature.

SPORTING 2 time flow shower panel with rain-effect

Life is a shower! The emblematic SPORTING 2 designed and manufactured by DELABIE is available in a second version. The main difference with the 714700? The traditional anti-scaling shower head is replaced by a rain shower head. This offers users optimal comfort and a real feeling of well-being in the shower.

TEMPOFLUX 3 matte black WC control plate

Timeless, stylish and ultra-resistant: made from tempered black glass, this time flow WC flush plate is ideal for public places. Water consumption is controlled thanks to its WC direct flush system - with no cistern, its 3L/6L dual flush, and its anti-blocking feature. 

RAINY shower head with rain-effect

The RAINY shower head has a soft and pleasant rain effect that also saves 80% of water. This shower head has a pure and timeless design. It is easy to install by simply clipping the shower head onto the fitting previously placed in the wall.

TEMPOMATIC 4 recessed electronic shower

Electronic shower: thinking inside the box! This shower fits in the wall with its DELABIE waterproof, adjustable and adaptable housing. In addition to its design, this solution is very easy to install and makes maintenance considerably easier, as it can be carried out from the front without removing the valve. The TEMPOMATIC 4 shower is THE built-in solution, 100% hygienic and water-saving. This shower, which does not require any manual contact when in use, actually saves 80% of water.

Black Be-Line® range

Be-Line® is available in a matte black finish! Its discreet and uncluttered design fits in with all styles of decoration and erases the medical aspect. Ergonomics, hygiene, robustness, comfort, discretion... The Be-Line® range is suitable for everyone and makes the shared use of sanitary facilities a pleasure.

TEMPOFLUX 3 AB side control time flow flush system

Hygienic thanks to its cisternless flushing system, accessible with its side control, economical with its adjustable flush volume of up to 2l/4l and reliable with its design and simplified maintenance from the front, the TEMPOFLUX 3 AB side control ticks all the boxes.