Our new products

DELABIE’s teams have mastered more than thirty highly skilled trades.

This unique expertise enables the company to innovate constantly and adapt its products to the needs of the market. Every year DELABIE invests heavily in Research and Development as well as its industrial tooling. The aim is to offer customers ever more innovative solutions and reliable proprietary technology.

DUAL CONTROL recessed direct flush valve

The flush valve can be activated voluntarily (via the AB push-button) or automatically when the user leaves. The electronics are intelligent: the flush volume adapts according to the use. The DUAL CONTROL performs and periodic rinse to prevent water stagnation in the system.

UNITO stainless steel washbasin

In bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel, the UNITO washbasin is a true decorative element that enhances the places where it's installed. This model is available as a wall-mounted or countertop version, with or without tap hole.

BLACK BINOPTIC electronic basin tap

A matte black chrome finish is now available for the BINOPTIC. This electronic tap will bring a touch of style and elegance to your washrooms. Zero contact use and anti-bacterial duty flush guarantee maximum hygiene.

Wall-mounted electronic BLACK soap dispenser

Paint it BLACK with the matte black 304 stainless steel finish. This wall-mounted automatic soap dispenser ensures optimal hygiene with its 100% non-contact operation. Suitable for liquid soap, it is also an electronic hydroalcoholic gel dispenser

HIGHFLOW BLACK air pulse hand dryer

Paint it BLACK with the matte black 304 stainless steel finish. This electric hand dryer brings a touch of design to commercial washrooms. High speed, it dries hands in 10 - 12 seconds.

SPEEDJET 2 air pulse hand dryer

High speed, the SPEEDJET 2 electric hand dryer dries hands in 10 - 12 seconds. It activates without any manual contact, its cover is made from anti-bacterial ABS, and its HEPA filter retains 99.99% of bacteria, promoting hygiene in commercial washrooms. Available in anthracite, matte white and matte black.

Mechanical basin mixer with pressure-balancing

The new 2565T5EP mixer completes the redesigned range of mechanical "EP" pressure-balancing mixers with high fixed or swivelling spouts. 
Its design meets the challenges of anti-scalding safety and infection control in healthcare facilities. 

Cross wall time flow controls

This range is reborn whilst maintaining its vandal-resistant credentials like its ligature-resistant button flush to the wall, and a high-strength control rod. For WCs, urinals, washbasins or showers and designed to be installed in service ducts, these controls prevent the user from accessing the interior of the mechanism. Their discreet design enables installation in all types of public and commercial places.

OUTDOOR shower column

Available in 5 versions, it is suitable for all outdoor leisure areas. Its aluminium finish makes it a strong and stylish product. It ensures a comfortable shower and 80% water savings. Its soft touch operation enables all users to use it effortlessly.

Single hole mixer with large flow rate - 60 lpm

This new mixer, with its sleek design, is ideal for professional kitchens. Made from chrome-plated brass, its design is very robust while allowing rapid fill at 60 lpm. Equipped with a swivelling spout, it is easy to fill large pans.

SPORTING 2 electronic shower panel

A flagship DELABIE product, the SPORTING 2 shower panel is now available in an electronic version. In order to guarantee complete hygiene, no manual contact is necessary to operate. It enables 80% water savings compared to a mechanical shower, thanks to its 6 lpm flow rate.

WCeram S rimless WC

Made of ceramic, the WCeram S works effectively with a cistern flush or a direct flush system. The rimless bowl enables easy cleaning and improved hygiene.

Designer drop-down support rail

The Be-Line® drop-down and removable support rail combines aesthetics and comfort. This support rail for WCs is both designer and discreet, providing safety and well-being for its users. Two options of finishes will match any decorative style perfectly. 

Wall-mounted sequential mechanical mixer

The wall-mounted sequential mechanical mixer 2640 combines technology and functionality. Destined for healthcare facilities, its design meets the daily needs of: maximum hygiene, anti-scalding safety and ergonomics, to bring comfort and well-being to users.

TEMPOMATIC 4 electronic urinal valve

The iconic TEMPOMATIC 4 urinal valve has a new design. This exposed urinal valve with integrated batteries can easily replace a time flow version - the ideal solution for refurbishment. Economical and intelligent, it can detect busy periods and reduce the rinse volume.

TEMPOMATIC MIX 4 wall-mounted electronic mixer

The TEMPOMATIC 4 is now available as a wall-mounted mixer, with mains supply or with batteries integrated in the mixer body. It is compatible with both recessed or cross wall installation.

Pressure-balancing EP mixer with swivelling spout

This SECURITHERM EP mixer meets the need to control bacterial proliferation and to provide anti-scalding safety. Its design means that thermal shocks are possible without removing the control lever. Its pressure-balancing cartridge guarantees perfectly stable temperatures.

TEMPOMIX 3 recessed basin mixer

TEMPOMIX 3 is equipped with the new, 100% waterproof recessing housing. This innovative system adapts to many installation options, and to walls up to 120mm deep. It is quick and easy to install. With its soft-touch operation and sleek design it is suitable for any building open to the public.

TEMPOFLUX 3 AB recessed direct flush valve - satin finish stainless steel wall plate

This direct flush valve 3L/6L combines comfort and water savings. It is equipped with soft-touch operation and an AB anti-blocking system. Fitted with an innovative recessed housing patented by DELABIE, it adapts to all types of installations and partitions from 10 to 120mm in thickness.

TEMPOFLUX 3 AB recessed direct flush valve - chrome-plated metal wall plate

This 3L/6L direct flush valve combines comfort and water savings. It features a soft-touch activation system with AB anti-blocking. Equipped with an innovative recessing housing, patented by DELABIE, it is suitable for any type of installation and for walls from 10 - 120mm thick.