Recessed sequential thermostatic shower mixer

Ref. H96BOX-H9631
SECURITHERM mixer in a waterproof housing with no non-return valves
Recessed sequential thermostatic shower mixer



Recessed sequential thermostatic shower mixer

Ref. H96BOX-H9631
Provisional availability 2nd half
Please contact the sales office to check availability.
Recessed thermostatic shower mixer ideal for healthcare facilities, retirement homes, hospitals and clinics.
• Sequential mixer with no non-return valves on the inlets (reduces bacterial development).
No risk of cross flow between the hot and cold water.
Anti-scalding failsafe: shuts off automatically if cold or hot water supply fails.
Securitouch thermal insulation prevents burns.
Sequential: opens/closes with cold water.
Scale-resistant thermostatic sequential cartridge for sequential adjustment flow rate and temperature.
Temperature control: cold water up to 39°C.
Maximum temperature limiter set at 39°C.
Thermal shocks are possible.
Flow rate regulated at 9 lpm (mixer only).
ERGO control knob.
Filters integrated in the M3/4" inlets.
Order a wall-mounted outlet or shower head to complete.
• Bright polished stainless steel cover plate 166 x 166mm.
• Waterproof recessing housing:
- Collar with waterproof seal.
- Hydraulic connection from the outside and maintenance from the front.
- Modular installation (rails, solid walls, panels).
- Compatible with wall finishes from 10 - 120mm (respecting the minimum recessing depth of 93mm).
- Suitable for standard or "pipe-in-pipe" supply.
- Stopcocks and flow rate adjustment, integrated filters and cartridge; all accessible from the front.
- Supplied in 2 kits: secure system purge without the sensitive elements.
• Suitable for people with reduced mobility.
• 10-year warranty.

Kit composition:
(H96BOX): recessing housing with protection, mixer valve configured for purging the system, connecting accessories.
(H9631): cover plate with control, mixer valve, waterproof collar, internal reinforcement.

2021 UK public price excluding VAT: £499.10


Sécurité anti-brûlure

SECURITHERM: optimal anti-scalding safety

Hygiène - Anti-bactérien - BIOSAFE

Maximum hygiene: no non-return valves


Recessed installation

Maintenance aisée - Installation aisée

Adjustable and modular waterproof housing



Recessed sequential thermostatic shower mixer

Ref. H96BOX-H9631
Connector 1/2"
Technology SECURITHERM thermostatic sequential
Flow rate Flow rate regulated at 9 lpm (mixer only)
Temperature limiter 39°C
Finish Chrome-plated brass
Warranty Garantie 10 ans



Recessed sequential thermostatic shower mixer

Ref. H96BOX-H9631

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