DELABIE: warranty extended to 30 years and repairability to 50 years

January 2024


DELABIE, indelibly

Launched in 1983, the TEMPOSTOP tap from DELABIE is now celebrating its 40th anniversary. 
Come rain or shine, how has this this public facilities' classic steadfastly endured over the years?

DELABIE has always been distinguished by its commitment to the longevity of its products, even when such an approach seemed contrary to market trends.

As a case in point, the TEMPOSTOP has plenty of life in it yet!

Our warranty has been extended, from 10 to 30 years

Together for thirty years, and then some

No, ten years simply wasn't enough. 

To further encourage clients to choose equipment that withstands the test of time, we're going the extra mile. Our warranty is now extended from ten to thirty years, for all our products.

Vandal resistance, high usage endurance, and the use of robust materials are the cornerstones of our development charter. The durability of our products is a proven fact; extending the warranty to 30 years is therefore a natural step. And yes, this even includes our sensor taps.

At the heart of our process is meticulous quality control at every stage of production. It all happens in Friville, in Northern France, where only excellence is accepted.

Fifty years and still going strong

Fifty years and still going strong

The life of a technical product is indeed a beautiful thing.

We aim to extend this as long as possible. After all, the best way to avoid waste is not to replace with new. Hence, the ability to repair becomes crucial. 

Wasn't it DELABIE's interchangeable universal heads for taps that cemented our reputation? Our mission has always been clear: replace a part, not the whole.

DELABIE's products are built to last, a particularly ambitious challenge in public spaces. Beyond potential vandalism, a high turnover of users complicates the equation. 

Did you know that a motorway service area tap averages 2,500 uses per day?

From January 2024, DELABIE is committed to providing spare parts for 50 years for all technical products. 

By reducing the need to manufacture new products, we limit the use of rare metals like copper, a primary component of brass. We also avoid the energy-intensive processes of recycling and transportation.


"Many products are designed with a short lifespan and falsely marketed as recyclable, obscuring their real environmental impact. Rather than focusing on component recycling, which remains environmentally taxing, it's better to create high-quality, durable, and easily repairable products. All DELABIE products are designed to last for decades, with spare parts available for 50 years."   

Luc DELABIE, CEO of the Group.

Who dismantles, saves

DELABIE currently supplies an average of 150,000 spare parts per year; equating to as many products repaired instead of discarded.  

DELABIE Spare Parts

Easy and quick disassembly and reassembly for all products are key design criteria at DELABIE. This approach can save considerable unnecessary expenses. Purchasing and installing a new product can indeed be more costly.

So, don't rush to replace your TEMPOMATIC 4 electronic mixer in case of malfunction! Simply replacing the solenoid valve can be 70% less expensive!

Réparer c’est plus facile en compagnie d’experts

Repairing is easier with expert assistance

While each product comes with a detailed installation guide, the DELABIE website, accessible without registration, is a treasure trove of additional information.  

Moreover, the group provides local access to expert and responsive technicians, guiding even the most professional repairers.   

Additionally, at DELABIE, the delivery of replacement parts is a priority. Any ordered part leaves the factory the same day. No sooner said than done.

By extending its warranty to 30 years across all ranges and ensuring 50 years of repairability on its technical products, DELABIE reaffirms its foundational principle: quality products, made to last.

Isn't this the best way to be environmentally responsible?