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Sequential thermostatic shower mixer
Ref. H963015

SECURITHERM thermostatic sequential individual shower mixer.
Sequential mixer with no non-return valve (limits bacterial proliferation).
Anti-scalding safety: hot water shuts off immediately if cold water supply fails (and vice versa).
Securitouch thermal insulation prevents burns.
Scale-resistant thermostatic sequential cartridge for single lever for single lever temperature control and flow rate adjustment.
Temperature can be adjusted from cold water to 39°C with maximum temperature limiter set at 39°C.
Thermal shocks are possible.
Body with smooth interior and low water volume (reduces niches where bacteria can develop).
Flow rate regulated at 9 lpm.
Chrome-plated brass body and Hygiene control lever L. 100mm.
M1/2" bottom outlet.
Supplied with M1/2" M3/4" inline STOP/CHECK, ideal for hospitals.
10-year warranty.

2019 UK public price excluding VAT: £296.01


  • SECURITHERM: Optimum anti-scalding safety

  • Securitouch thermal insulation prevents burns

  • No non-return valve.

  • Opens and closes via single control lever


Technical features

Sequential thermostatic shower mixer
Ref. H963015

Technology SECURITHERM sequential thermostatic shower, Securitouch
Length 184mm
Flow rate 9 lpm
Temperature limiter 39°C
Finish Chrome-plated brass
Standards and certifications WRAS TMV3 HKWSD
Warranty 10-Year



Sequential thermostatic shower mixer
Ref. H963015

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