Stainless steel ware, the new DELABIE range

November 2013

With the acquisition of Portuguese manufacturer SENDA, DELABIE completes its range of sanitary ware for hospitals and the commercial sector. At the same time the group has strengthened its position as European market leader, as it pursues its policy of international growth.

The new company DELABIE-SENDA, a major player in the manufacture of stainless steel sanitary fittings (sinks, urinals, toilets), is located in Aveiro, south of Porto. Currently exporting to over 30 countries, 70% of its sales are generated overseas, with numerous prestigious products available worldwide.

The unique advantages of sanitary stainless steel: hygiene, anti-vandalism, design

The unique features and benefits of Stainless Steel Sanitary ware are well known. Due to their durability, easy maintenance and servicing, these products are highly desirable for intensive use in commercial installations (schools and colleges, motorway services, airports, detention centers, etc.), as well as in hospitals and healthcare facilities that must meet the highest standards of hygiene. They are also selected for their sleek design and quality image. Finally, as with all stainless steel products, they are 100% recyclable.

DELABIE, an exceptional offer

With over 3,000 catalogue references, DELABIE now has an exceptional offering for the non-domestic healthcare market.

"One of our goals is to export more than 60% of our production. The recent acquisition of SENDA is the perfect complement to our range of water controls for the commercial sector and hospitals, offering fantastic development opportunities for our organisation." says Luc Delabie, co-director of the Group.

"We have seen a significant increase in our turnover due to organic growth from developing new solutions. Innovation is an ongoing objective. For example we have recently launched a new range of terminal filters to control the bacteriological quality of water in public buildings, including hospitals." adds Luc Delabie.

DELABIE in brief

DELABIE in brief

A few figures

- A family-owned french Group founded in 1928, located in Friville-Escarbotin in the Somme.
- More than 400 employees.
- Sales figures have doubled in 5 years.
- Exporting to more than 70 countries from its production site in France and its 7 subsidiaries worldwide.
- More than 3,000 references.

Acquisitions and openings since 1996

1996 – Acquired BINE, inventor of the self-closing tap in 1881.
2006 – Acquired CHAVONNET, market leader for hospital water controls (founded in 1860).
2006 – Acquired SOGEPROVE, manufacturer of equipment for people with reduced mobility and hygienic accessories for the commercial sector (founded in 1957).
2007 – Acquired DOUGLAS a leading manufacturer of sanitary fittings in the UK.
2009 – Founded DELABIE sp. z o.o. in Poland (Warsaw).
2012 – Acquired Kuhfuss Sanitär, No. 2 manufacturer of sanitary stainless steel in Germany.
2012 – Founded DELABIE FZ LLC in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai).
2012 – Founded DELABIE Limited in China (Hong Kong).
2012 – Acquired a Portuguese foundry in the Porto region. 2012 – Founded DELABIE Benelux.