OUTDOOR time flow shower column

Ref. 717521
Time flow, 2 showers and 1 foot-rinse
OUTDOOR time flow shower column



OUTDOOR time flow shower column

Ref. 717521
Time flow shower column:
Anodised aluminium shower column ready to fit.
Fitted with two showers and one foot-rinse.
Bottom inlet via stopcock F¾".
TEMPOSOFT 2 time flow valves for mixed water supply.
Soft-touch operation.
Time flow ~15 seconds for shower and ~3 seconds for foot-rinse.
Chrome-plated, tamperproof, scale-resistant ROUND shower heads with automatic flow rate regulation at 6 lpm at 3 bar.
Stainless steel foot-rinse with flow rate 3 lpm at 3 bar.
Access panel with isolation valve and purge.
Can easily be protected or taken apart in winter.
Suitable for people with reduced mobility.
10-year warranty.

2023 UK public price excluding VAT: £1,598.52


Economie d'eau

80% water savings

Confort - Ergonomie - Déclenchement souple

Soft-touch operation


Anti-corrosion anodised aluminium

Maintenance aisée - Installation aisée

Supplied ready to fit



OUTDOOR time flow shower column

Ref. 717521
Connector F¾"
Technology Time flow
Height 2,245mm
Flow rate Shower 6 lpm, Foot-rinse 3 lpm
Finish Aluminium
Certificates ACS Logo DoP Logo PZH
Warranty Garantie 10 ans



OUTDOOR time flow shower column

Ref. 717521

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OUTDOOR shower column report