Adjustable height floor trap

Ref. 682001UK
For tiles or concrete floors
Adjustable height floor trap



Adjustable height floor trap

Ref. 682001UK
Floor trap for hard floors (tiles or concrete floors) with adjustable height:
Flow rate 36 lpm (meets standards).
Water level 50mm.
100 x 100mm bright polished stainless steel grid.
Ø 43mm horizontal outlet integrated into the height of the floor trap (saves height and space in all directions).
Integrated waterproof collar to seal waterproof membrane.
Withstands high temperatures: 60°C continuous, 85°C peak.
Plunger with handle: easy to grip and easy cleaning.
Smooth PVC body (prevents build-up of impurities).
Classified non-flammable (American certification UL94).
110mm high, adjusts up to 80mm with extension.
Grill fixed with two stainless steel screws.
30-year warranty.

2024 UK public price excluding VAT: £58.74


Maintenance aisée - Installation aisée

Trap adapted to floor type, adjustable height

Nettoyage aisé

Plunger with handle, body free of impurities


Tamperproof stainless steel grid



Adjustable height floor trap

Ref. 682001UK
Height 190mm max
Length 100mm
Width 100mm
Flow rate 36 lpm
Warranty 30-Year



Adjustable height floor trap

Ref. 682001UK

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