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Our new products

DELABIE’s teams have mastered more than thirty highly skilled trades.

This unique expertise enables the company to innovate constantly and adapt its products to the needs of the market. Every year DELABIE invests heavily in Research and Development as well as its industrial tooling. The aim is to offer customers ever more innovative solutions and reliable proprietary technology.

  • H9769 thermostatic shower mixer

    H9769 thermostatic shower mixer

    The SECURITHERM H9769 thermostatic shower mixer responds perfectly to the needs of healthcare facilities in terms of safety, hygiene and comfort. Its unique design makes HW and CW cross flow impossible, significantly reducing the risk of bacterial development.

  • Be-Line® lift-up shower seat

    Be-Line® lift-up shower seat

    Combining aesthetics and comfort, this new lift-up shower seat blends in naturally to its surroundings and offers hygiene, safety and a feeling of well-being to users - the elderly, people with reduced mobility or disabled people. Removable, it can be replaced by a shower shelf.

  • Wall-mounted electronic soap dispenser

    Wall-mounted electronic soap dispenser

    DELABIE has enhanced its range of soap dispensers, offering a new electronic model. Made from 304 stainless steel, it has a sleek and modern design. With no manual contact, it provides optimal hygiene. Its robust design and no waste system provide a high level of resistance to vandalism.



    The real alternative to waterless urinals: a designer urinal fitted with a hybrid rinsing system.



    The TEMPOMATIC 4 is now available as a wall-mounted mixer, with mains supply or with batteries integrated in the mixer body. It is compatible with both recessed or cross wall installation.

  • TEMPOMIX 3  wall-mounted time flow mixer

    TEMPOMIX 3 wall-mounted time flow mixer

    The TEMPOMIX 3 single hole mixer, with soft-touch operation, has a sleek and timeless design. These wall-mounted mixers are available in two lengths: 110 and 190mm. They can be installed through-the-wall or with recessed water supplies.

  • Be-Line® straight bar with sliding shower head holder

    Be-Line® straight bar with sliding shower head holder

    With its sleek lines, the Be-Line® straight bar fits naturally into its environment. The sliding shower head holder is noticeable for its design and practicality: its ergonomic grip also adjusts the height. It slides when the flexible hose is pulled, making it easier for users to use.

  • Wall-mounted sequential mechanical mixer

    Wall-mounted sequential mechanical mixer

    DELABIE has launched a new range of wall-mounted mechanical mixers with a sequential cartridge. It opens and closes on cold water for improved anti-scalding safety. The same lateral movement through a range of only 90° opens the water flow and adjusts the temperature.

  • MINI BAILA stainless steel washbasin

    MINI BAILA stainless steel washbasin

    Made from bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel, the wall-mounted MINI BAILA washbasin is a truly decorative element which enhances those places where it is installed: washroom facilities in restaurants, bars or hotels.



    This direct flush valve 3L/6L combines comfort and water savings. It is equipped with soft-touch operation and an AB anti-blocking system. Fitted with an innovative recessed housing patented by DELABIE, it adapts to all types of installations and partitions from 10 to 120mm in thickness.

  • TEMPOMATIC dual control

    TEMPOMATIC dual control

    Its operation can be triggered voluntarily with the help of a push-button, or by default, automatically when the user leaves. This dual control operation guarantees permanent bowl hygiene. Fitted with an innovative recessed housing patented by DELABIE, it adapts to all types of installations.

  • TEMPOMATIC 4 recessed urinal

    TEMPOMATIC 4 recessed urinal

    New finish: black in shockproof ceramic glass.

  • TEMPOFLUX recessed urinal

    TEMPOFLUX recessed urinal

    The TEMPOFLUX urinal is fitted with an innovative recessed housing patented by DELABIE. It adapts to all types of installations and partitions from 10 to 120mm in thickness. Its resolutely modern design combines stylish design and comfort, thanks to its soft-touch operation.

  • TEMPOMIX 3 recessed shower mixer

    TEMPOMIX 3 recessed shower mixer

    TEMPOMIX 3 is fitted with a 100% waterproof housing. This innovative system adapts to a variety of installation configurations up to a depth of 120mm. It is quick and easy to install. With its soft-touch operation and its sleek design, it is ideal for all public buildings.