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A hygiene revolution and a multi-award winning design!

October 2017

The latest mechanical basin mixer

The new SECURITHERM EP BIOSAFE 26216EP mixer is the first mixer with no spout to meet all the issues faced by healthcare patients and care home residents: comfort, total safety, hygiene and infection control.

BIOSAFE: Infection control

The unique design of the 26216EP mixer reduces the volume of water in the body by up to 85%, and therefore, also, bacterial proliferation. This, combined with narrower water passages, means that water flows at a higher velocity, helping to control biofilm.

Moreover, this new mixer has no spout: the BIOSAFE outlet is integrated directly into the mixer body. Made from Hostaform®, its smooth internal surface provides nowhere for dirt or scale to adhere, reducing the emergence and spread of bacteria and germs in damp conditions.

The mixer body is also completely smooth, therefore limiting biofilm attachment.

DELABIE has also anticipated the new European drinking water directive by designing mixers and taps which do not come into contact with chrome, nickel and lead, so the water delivered is safe and pure.

SECURITHERM: Total anti-scalding safety

As with all DELABIE’s SECURITHERM EP mixers, the new 26216EP mixer is fitted with a maximum temperature limiter and a pressure balancing (EP) cartridge. The EP technology maintains a constant pressure between the Hot and Cold Water supply, limiting temperature variations due to pressure changes in the system. It also provides automatic anti-scalding safety.

If the cold water supply shuts off, the hot water flow is reduced, preventing any risk of scalding to the user.

This new mixer also benefits from Securitouch technology. The body and mechanism of the 26216EP mixer have thermal insulation. Hot water circulates from
the inlet to the cartridge inside the flexibles and then to the mechanism. This internal design ensures that there are no hot spots.  

The 26216EP is the only mechanical mixer which allows thermal shocks at the temperature of the Hot Water in the system without removing the control lever or shutting off the Cold Water supply. To override the temperature limiter, simply press the red button located behind the control lever.

Modern design

The sleek lines of this mixer with no spout create a contemporary design without neglecting user comfort. The simple shape of the mixer reduces the build-up of dirt and facilitates cleaning, the fundamentals of hygiene.

Easy to install

DELABIE has designed a mixer that is easy to install by fitting its new mixers with rotating copper tails. Also available with flexibles with rotating unions, preventing any twisting.