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                                      available features

                                                                               SUITABLE FOR TABLETS AND SMARTPHONES
           HEAD OFFICE
           & PRODUCTION SITE
           18, rue du Maréchal Foch
           80130 Friville

           UK OFFICE
           Henderson House
           Hithercroft Road
           OX10 9DG


           Please contact our Sales Team for details
           of your local Sales Representative
           (13 Area Sales Managers cover the UK                                CREATE A PERSONALISED CATALOGUE
                                                                               Create your own catalogue using your own product
           SALES                                                               selection.
           Tel. 01491 824449
           Fax 01491 825727                                                    You can personalise it by giving it a project name
                                                 and description, by choosing the order for the products
                                                                               to appear and by adding lifestyle images.
           QUOTES & PROJECTS                                                   This catalogue will then be available in Word,
           Tel. 01491 821822                                                   PDF and Excel formats.
           Fax 01491 825727

           Tel. 01491 821821
           Fax 01491 825727

                                                                               BIM: DELABIE’S CORE PRODUCTS
                                                                               ARE NOW AVAILABLE
                                                                               To meet the requirements of BIM technology,
                                                                               DELABIE has modelled its core products.
                                                                               Available in 2 formats - REVIT and IFC, the files
                                                                               can be downloaded via the relevant product data sheet
                                                                               or via datashare.
                                                                               The list of references available in BIM format is available
                                                                               in Our Services - BIM Files.

                                                                               TRENDS THE MAGAZINE: THE DESIGN
                                                                               TRENDS TAB
                                                                               Browse the “Trends by DELABIE” magazine intended
                  Certification                                                for those who are passionate about Design and the art
                  ISO 9001: 2015                                               of the “Beautiful”.
                  quality management
                  systems                                                      Discover the 4 universes of “Trends” with major
                                                                               international projects, specification trends as well
                                                                               as interviews with prominent designers and architects
                                                                               who talk about their projects and their passions.
           Certificate of Sanitary Conformity.
           All DELABIE products conform
           to the CPDW* directive modified
           29/05/1997, and the French Ministry
           of Health circular DGS/SD7A2002
           no. 571 dated 25/11/2002.
           * Construction Products in Contact
           with Drinking Water (European Commission).
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