TEMPOMATIC dual control direct flush WC valve

Ref. 464SBOX-464000
Mains supply
TEMPOMATIC dual control direct flush WC valve +



TEMPOMATIC dual control direct flush WC valve

Ref. 464SBOX-464000
Provisional availability 1st half
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TEMPOMATIC recessed, electronic, dual control direct flush valve:
230/6V mains supply (cable and transformer supplied).
Satin finish stainless steel wall plate 186 x 186mm and chrome-plated metal button with integrated electronics.
Waterproof recessing housing:
- Collar with waterproof seal.
- Hydraulic connection to the outside and maintenance from the front.
- Adjusts to all types of installation (rails, solid walls, panels).
- Compatible with wall finishes 10 - 120mm (while maintaining the minimum recessing depth of 93mm).
- Suitable for standard or "pipe-in-pipe" supply.
- Stopcock and flow rate adjustment, activation and electronic unit are all integrated and accessible from the front.
- TEMPOMATIC F¾" flush valve is compatible with sea water and grey water.
- Backflow prevention device inside the housing.
- Supplied in 2 kits: secure system flush without sensitive elements.
Shock-resistant infrared presence detection sensor.
Detection delay is 10 seconds.
Voluntary activation (anti-blocking push-button) or automatically when the user leaves.
Independent push-button: the flush will activate even if the power supply fails.
"Intelligent" automatic rinsing: flush volume adapts according to use.
3 programmes (rinsing volume can be set according to type of WC pan).
Hygienic duty flush, every 24 hours (can be adjusted to 12 hours or OFF) after the last use.
Outlet connection for PVC tube Ø26/32mm.
Base flow rate: 1 L/sec.
Suitable for rimless WC pans without flow rate regulation and suitable for people with reduced monility.
10-year warranty.

Kit contents:
(464SBOX): recessed housing with cover, valve configured for system flush, vacuum breaker, stopcock, connection accessories.
(464000): control plate, transformer, collar for waterproofing, solenoid valve, cartridge.

2021 UK public price excluding VAT: £614.65


Sans contact manuel

Total hygiene: operate without manual contact

Hygiène - Anti-bactérien - BIOSAFE

Direct flush: no water stagnation

Confort - Ergonomie - Déclenchement souple

Voluntary or automatic activation

Maintenance aisée - Installation aisée

Waterproof housing, adjustable and modular



TEMPOMATIC dual control direct flush WC valve

Ref. 464SBOX-464000
Supply 230/12V mains supply
Connector F3/4"
Technology Electronic and time flow
Height 186mm
Depth 93-190mm
Width 186mm
Finish Satin stainless steel
Warranty Garantie 10 ans



TEMPOMATIC dual control direct flush WC valve

Ref. 464SBOX-464000

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