TEMPOMATIC direct flush valve

Ref. 463200
Electronic mains supply
TEMPOMATIC direct flush valve



TEMPOMATIC direct flush valve

Ref. 463200
Cross wall electronic direct flush valve:
Mains supply with 1" solenoid valve.
230/12V transformer.
IP65 independent electronic unit.
For cross wall installation on walls ≤ 225mm.
Shock-resistant infrared presence detection sensor.
Voluntary activation (when hand is detected ~4cm in front of the sensor) or automatic flush when the user leaves.
Time flow ~7 seconds, can be adjusted from 3 - 12 seconds.
Detection distance, flow rate and flush volume can be adjusted.
Stopcock FF1".
Vacuum breaker Ø32mm.
Connection washer Ø 32/55mm.
Wall plate flush to the wall.
Threaded rod can be cut to size.
Base flow rate: 1 L/sec.
Suitable for rimless WC pans without flow rate regulation and suitable for people with reduced mobility.
10-year warranty.

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Sans contact manuel

Total hygiene: operate without manual contact

Hygiène - Anti-bactérien - BIOSAFE

Direct flush: no stagnant water

Confort - Ergonomie - Déclenchement souple

Voluntary or automatic flush


Cross wall installation



TEMPOMATIC direct flush valve

Ref. 463200
Supply 230/12V mains supply
Connector 1"
Technology Electronic
Length 225mm
Certificates Logo CE Logo Belgaqua
Warranty Garantie 10 ans




Ref. 463200

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