Angled grab bar 90°, Ø 32mm

Ref. 5180S
UltraSatin polished satin stainless steel
Angled grab bar 90°, Ø 32mm



Angled grab bar 90°, Ø 32mm

Ref. 5180S
Angled grab bar 90° for people with reduced mobility, Ø 32mm.
For use as a handrail (horizontal part) or as a grab bar (vertical part) for WCs or baths.
Universal for either left or right side.
Dimensions: 300 x 300mm.
Bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel tube.
UltraSatin polished satin stainless steel, uniform non-porous surface for easy maintenance and hygiene.
Plate welded to the tube by invisible safety bead weld (process exclusive to "ArN-Securit").
40mm gap between the bar and the wall: minimal space prevents the forearm passing between the bar and the wall, reducing the risk of fracture in case of loss of balance.
Concealed fixings, secured to wall by a 3-hole, 304 stainless steel plate, Ø 72mm.
Fixing plates and cover plates in 304 stainless steel.
Supplied with stainless steel screws for concrete walls.
Tested to over 200kg. Maximum recommended user weight: 135kg.
10 year warranty. CE marked.

2021 UK public price excluding VAT: £104.98


Hygiène - Anti-bactérien - BIOSAFE

304 stainless steel: reduces bacterial development


Tested to over 200kg

Faible espacement au mur - Encombrement limité

40mm gap between bar and wall: minimal space

Nettoyage aisé

UltraSatinbasin: Smooth surface easy to clean



Angled grab bar 90°, Ø 32mm

Ref. 5180S
Height 300mm
Length 300mm
Width to the wall 40mm
Finish 304 stainless steel UltraSatin polished satin
Certificates Logo CE
Warranty Garantie 10 ans



Angled grab bar 90°, Ø 32mm

Ref. 5180S

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